Join us to hand stitch a community quilt for Emily Johnson/Catalyst's Stargazing Project.

Then a Cunning Voice and a Night We Spend Gazing at Stars  is a multi-year project focused on all night stargazing. The work includes in equal measure: making quilts, performance, storytelling, song, and a night of stargazing. It relies upon people coming together to voice intentions, witness, work, experience time, rest, and imagine.

Then a Cunning rooted in community visioning sessions, where these visioning sessions ask: "What do you want for your well-being? For your family an friends? Your neighborhood? Your city, town, or reserve?" These intentions are gathered on quilt squares which are sewn into a modular series of quilts during community sewing bees. Once created, these quilts are laid together to become one 4,000 squares foot area, designed by textile artist Maggie Thompson, upon which we will host all night stargazing including moments of silence, performance, stories, and First Nations star knowledge. We want to share time, to feel and also imagine the space below us on the ground and above us in the air. 


Catalyst has been working all over the country, holding Community visioning Sessions and Community Sewing Bees. Community Visioning Sessions inspire collective responsibility, individual and community agency, and a map toward manifesting true change. Through games and discourse we brainstorm and expand upon hundreds of ideas, providing ourselves with a pulse of the present and a path to the future we want. Catalyst collects the ideas generated in CVS's and transfers them to quilt squares. In our Community Sewing Bees, we invite anyone who is interested to help us hand-sew these quilt squares into the quilts that will become the set and stage of Then a Cunning Voice... . The sewing bees are free, open to the public and we supply sewing materials and snacks.

We are currently accepting fabric donations for the project. All quilting fabrics of all colors are accepted. No knits or stretchy fabrics please! Smaller all over patterns preferred. Must be at least 5" x 5". Please send to Emily Johnson at the Ivy Arts Building address listed below.


Quilting Bees at Two Rivers Gallery (1530 E Franklin Ave Minneapolis MN 55404) from 10am - 2pm on Saturdays in 2016:

February 20 | March 19 | April 16 | May 28 | June 25 | July 23 | August 20 | September 17 | October 15 | November 12 |December 10

Quilting Bees at The Ivy Arts Building (2637 27th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55406 in Studio #207) from 6-8pm on Thursdays in 2016:

February 11 & 25 | March 10 & 24 | April 7 & 21 | May 5 & 19 | June 2, 16 & 30 | July 14 & 28 | August 11 & 25 | September 8 & 22 | October 6 & 20 | November 3 & 17 | December 1 & 15 

We will also be at Northern Spark on June 11, 2016 at Mill Ruins Park.

We hope to see you there!